Financing Home Improvement Loans


Current home improvement loan rates are between 5.99% and 35.99% APR, depending on the type of home, but rates can be as low as 3.9% APR for new home loans.

Home Improvement Loans

Home improvement loans help consumers with the costs of improvements like new appliances, yard work, furniture, or landscaping. Home improvement loans typically have an adjustable rate that fluctuates according to changes in interest rates, but can range between 5% to 35%, click to find out more about them.

After downsizing their kitchen and kitchen remodel, Linda and Charlie Knopp moved into a cabin with a small yard. To cover the costs of purchasing an area rug, a home improvement loan is a good option for them. A adjustable rate home improvement loan will work out to a fixed monthly payment of $117.80.

Refinancing Home Loans

With a Home Equity Conversion Mortgage, consumers can refinance an existing home loan into a new loan with a lower interest rate. Refinancing a home loan allows borrowers to earn a lower rate on a new loan, and to pay less overall on the mortgage. This type of loan allows borrowers to use the entire home in the purchase or sale, lowering monthly costs.

A Home Equity Conversion Mortgage lets you refinance an existing home loan at current interest rates, to a new loan with a lower rate and a longer term. This is known as the fixed-rate refinance, and allows homeowners to enjoy both lower interest rates and a longer term. The fixed-rate refinance loan typically offers an APR of between 12.1% and 22.1%.

Home Loans with Double Cash

With a Double Cash Home Loan, a buyer can choose between a fixed-rate home loan with a variable interest rate and a variable-rate home loan with a fixed interest rate. The fixed rate loan offers a fixed monthly payment. The double cash home loan provides a maximum of three years of payments, with double the income over three years.

For tenants and homeowners who are able to rollover multiple home equity loans, the Double Cash Home Loan offers an income of the larger amount repaid and a shorter term of repayment.

Green Solutions for the Digital Print Industry

Eye Candy Graphics is proud to introduce Dreamsape’s Terralon™, a PVC-free printable wallcovering for regular solvent, eco solvent and UV curable inks.  This game changing media for the wide format digital print industry is the result of several years of research and development, and marks a true achievement by being the first product of its kind to match sustainability with functionality. Find the complete office solution here, the Terralon™ is a PVC free product made with a polyester/natural fiber technology containing over 31% recycled materials like Anipots.  Terralon™ combines Type II durability and a Class “A” fire rating in a new highly breathable, recyclable wall covering.
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custom wall coverings



you have to try this place

Embedded acrylic art for my daughters art auction.


Penguin Social

This acrylic graphic was a collaboration between augie and all the great artist in his daughters 2nd grade class.

proofs for pearl


custom acrylic art (design and production) for Denver Apartment Developer

work in progress, new Olympic Training Center (phase 1, part A)


wip usoc

United States Olympic Training Center, Colorado Springs, Co

New headquarters for six U.S. Olympic sports; Boxing, Judo, Wieghtlifting, Badminton, Taekwondo, and Modern Pentathlon

RNL Design in Denver, ( conceived the concept of a tapered hall with built in glowing acrylic architectual/graphic panels. Augie designed it and Eye Candy’s crack team is producing and installing. “The star trek corridor” as one contractor called it,  is coming together beautifully after many, “not so beautiful”, engineering hurdles to overcome. The challenge  was the hidden 90 degree joint and the function of  the incredibly heavy, 1/2″ frosted acrylic graphic panels had to be designed to swing open for light maintenance. With the help of our great fabrication specialist  Stan Gossling, ( the install is now on “Cruise Control”. I hope I didnt just curse the job . This custom work is intense but it gets us the most fan mail. More images to come as this project  unfolds. We specialize in custom interior design/architectual projects such as wall coverings, art, acylic, glass, backlit graphics, light boxes, signage and door numbers so if you know any interior designers or architect firms please, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD MAN, send them a link. Your the best! (if you do that)


new art. again with the cows?


I just love this house and these cows. both from tuscany italy.

Picture 27

Club design. The Living Room Denver


4 living room

The look of this cozy little sipping oasis was inspired from my own italian grand parants living room and their massive collection family photos. I guess there is comfort in staring at your unsmiling ancestors. The custom printed wall covering is a black to wine gradient, overlaid with digital photos of the owner’s family from Cyprus. After scanning and touching up all the photos, we created the frames digitally to create depth and shading. The custom light boxes are lit only from the top, creating a soft glow which works really well with the art. Some of the art is stock and the other five pieces I created specifically for this project.

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augies latest art- cherry martini 40″x40″ glossy acylic


cherry martini ftp 09

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